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The Inaugural Service

The Set Up

The Venue

The Gardens Outside

People start to arrive

Friends start to arrive

Marvin and Sharisse greet friends from Norfolk

Kids play football in the Gardens

Dear friends from London came to support us

More friends arrive

The service starts

Sharisse shares her testimony and our journey to back to Norwich

Marvin thanks all who travelled to Norwich for this special service

Marvin Preaches on Luke 19:28-44. The Triumphant Entry

Food and fellowship afterwards

Sharisse enjoying the fellowship

Sweet Fellowship

Thanks to all that came out

Beaming from God's Love.

The last year has been very challenging for the Lucas’ and their journey has had many ups and downs. But  God blesses perserverance and faith. The inaugural service was truly amazing! We had locals from Norwich, Diss, Gorleston and Lakenheath visiting. God truly blessed the day with almost 50 people in attendance, many of our friends are coming back next week. Keep our mission in your prayers and please donate to our self funded mission (this is just the beginning). Love, The  Lucas’

  1. Fred Haight permalink

    Congrats! Hope God blesses you this first year.

  2. Simon permalink

    Hi Guys, let me know if there’s any one I can be specifically praying for.

    Be fruitful and multiply (in the spiritual sense)

  3. David and Doniese Ekhaguere permalink

    We are very glad God sent you there and continue to pray for you and your mission in Norwich. Hope to see you soon.

  4. Bev Ozanne permalink

    Thanks for sharing about the inaugural service, God is glorified and the church is off to a great start! Blessings!

  5. Martin and Lwena permalink

    Dear Sharisse and Marvin. We are so excited. The Inaugural service looks so inspiring and what a great venue!. Looking so much forward to joining you in Norwich on Saturday and to hear more. It reminds us of the scripture where Jesus sent people out in two’s. Two have arrived and two more are coming to join you very soon. Lots of love

  6. Philippe permalink

    I’m so glad that God blessed you dream! It is so inspiring… keep a seat for us, guys!

  7. Eustine Green permalink

    Dear Sharee and Marvin

    I have read your story with interest. Faith can certainly move many mountains.and I believe that your Church will keep on growing.

    I am a teacher in Barbados and currently planning a brief visit to Norwich. We will be guests of Open Academy, Norwich for about four days. Please tell me where your Church is located and if possible we can visit your join in fellowship.

    May God continue to shower you with His blessings.

    God Bless! .

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