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Mission Update

A Mission Update:

House Church in Norwich

Sweet fellowship

Our first Baptism: Carrie Nelson, April 4th, 2012 at 11.00pm

Carrie here with her husband Travis (who is studying the Bible)

People sharing about Carrie

Holland sharing about Carrie

Travis shares about his wife’s transformation

Sharisse asks Carrie if she is ready to make Jesus Lord of her Life

We then go down down to the Wensum River (It was raining and about 40 degrees and raining)

Carrie is Baptised at 11.00pm

Welcome your new sister into the Kingdom of God


Happy Birthday Carrie (We had a birthday cake with candles)

God is Good.

EASTER SUNDAY: April 8th, 2012

Travis’ Baptism four days after his wife’s.

Travis and Marvin in the local river (It was cold!)

Travis being Baptized

Marvin welcomes our new brother in Christ

Carrie congratulates her husband

Martin and Lwena sings a special song to Travis after his baptism. God is Good.

One Year Anniversary August 2012

Started with 4 and now 11. God is moving in Norwich.

BBQ after house church

Marvin’s mother and father enjoying the fellowship

John and Kristen Norman (with daughter Kayleigh)

John who was born in England has decided to move from the US back to the UK with his wife and teenage daughter Sarah.

They will be in Norwich in January 2013.

Another Baptism

God is Growing his church with another baptism on Dec 17th, 2012

Kirsty is added to our number




Starting 2013

Started with four and now see what God has done.


Four Baptisms in one week.

Welcome: Shallom, Ekua, Becky and Sarah (Daughter of John & Kristen)

Ekua Baptism March 20th 2013

Sarah and Shallom Baptized on March 24th 2013


Becky’s Baptism on  March 26th 2013

Joe’s Baptism on Easter Sunday (A month before confessed that he did not believe in God)  March 31st 2013

40+ in attendance each week

God’s Glory rolls on!


















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