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Mission Anniversary

Five Year Plan for Norwich, England

Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God concerning them [Norwich] is for their salvation! (Romans 10:1 HCSB)

Norwich is a city in England with about 150,000 people. This city is dear to my heart because I spent most of my life there and that is where my parents reside, most of my relatives and many friends. I feel that God could be opening a window of opportunity for me to go back and save my parents while they are still alive and bring a light of hope to a paganistic society.

I see three different phases to this mission:the traditionalist and holistic approach, campus outreach and missions.

Phrase One

Will consist of reaching out to the traditionalists having a Sunday morning  house church services for those who are in their 30′s +, this will be a rental property in town. This service will be upbeat but will not isolate the elderly. The church will focus on local community needs and outreach.

Phrase Two

The second phase is to reach out to the postmodernist’s (20′s): Our plan is to live by the university. The University of East Anglia (UEA) has approximately 12,000 students. This will ensure constant connection with the youth. We plan to build a Christian community without a building. The plan is to invite people to Jesus not Church. The Green initiative is cult like in Europe! We will invite people to help us with the poor projects in the city and some beatifying projects locally. The focus will be that, “you are the church and the church goes with you.” We will be unified through relationships and the Spirit of God. We will have a meal every Sunday night, break bread and share what Jesus had did in our lives that week. This will be an open time of sharing a scripture from one’s time with God and encouragement. This type of gathering will be more organic in its approach thereby will make the Gospel more attractive to the British people.

Phase Three:

I am considering starting a house church movement but the houses are very small and people in England are not accustomed to hospitality unless it is family. If we convert people in remote areas we will probably set up this type of church. This will logistically relieve the tension from the main body.

Five Year Plan

Year One:

The first step is to connect with the London Church. I have spoken to the evangelist in the Region that oversees that part of the country. He is willing to house us initially and we will get some temporary housing for one school year (Sept-July). During this time of adjustment we will set up a small mission team (with kids the same age as ours), get trained and possibly get more funding. We will work with the church to organize a mission team. With that, we will encourage people to move and find jobs in Norwich as well as reconnect with any relatives or friends. The church will go out in the summer of 2011.

Year Two:

We will find a house to rent and then start building a community of relationships. Starting off as a house church and as the church grows looking for rental properties for worship or expand as a house church movement. Start working with the local authorities to established a holistic christian community center. This center will take the homeless off the streets, housing them, teaching life skills, and with my pastoral counselling degree helping their emotional and spiritual well being. Equipping these individuals to live functional lives in society.

Year Three:

Starting a campus ministry. Estabish campus ministries at the University of East Angilia (12,000) and Norwich City college (20,000). Once the traditional church reaches about 50-100 look to spilt it. Splitting the traditional setting will always keep a sense of mission and will make the church more assessable to other communities in the city (In England, 2-3 miles of a commute can deter people from going to church). These churches could also start by remote house churches and seeing where the Spirit is moving. The Leader must be trained and empowered to lead these new plantings. During this time we might have to re-evaluate mission funding due to the growth of the church. My involvement by year three will be more training and oversight.

Year Four and Five:

By this time, we should have a sizable campus ministry with several international students. Our vision will be to encourage the international graduates to go back to their nations of origin and help strengthen any existing churches we may have or help to establish new missions. The world renowned Cambridge University has no campus ministry; the impact of a vibrant ministry there could have world impact. I have family in Ipswich, seeing a ministry there would be an answered prayer too!

Thanks for participating in the dream.


The Lucas’

  1. Brandon Anderson permalink


    Cynthia & I miss you and Sharisse, but I’m certain we’re not the only one’s. Under your love and guidance the Dallas church grew not only in numbers, but in strength, conviction and, most importantly Love.

    When you announced you were moving to England to start I church, my first reaction was “No, don’t go”. But that selfish response was quickly replaced by my feeling that the “Prodigal Son” was finally returning home. What a great adventure!

    Please know I send with you all my love and best regards. To wish you success would be redundant, because you have God’s grace to propelling you.

    Cor 13:13 And now these three things remain: Faith, Hope & Love. But the greatest of these is Love.

    You, my friend, are Love.

  2. Stephen Sultanti permalink

    Both of your lives are powerful testimonies of God’s grace. He has worked miracles in the lives of others in the past. He is working miracles in the lives of the teens in East London now. And the future that awaits Norwich is awe-inspiring to contemplate.
    It’s been amazing getting to know you both while you’re still in London. You are both truly a blessing wherever you go.

    • Thanks Stephen. It has been a pleasure to be in London and getting the word out on the Norwich church. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. leighcummins permalink

    hi marvin reading your testimony is excellent how u come to know god , never would have guessed , well even as christians we have our issues , we cant do it on our own , yours is a great story , god bless .

  4. Paul D Horton permalink

    Wow, what a great story and a powerful testimony. Marvin & Sharisse, I can definitely see that God is using you mightily, giving hope to others and changing their eternal future! I know you will “snatch many out of the fire” run the race well. God’s best to you both!!!

  5. Sharisse

    I hope you will write your own version of Baguette Moments, based on Marving’s book, for females. I will snap it up; that I can promise you. You can have Teressa Ferguson, Rita Castillo, Carmen Lugo and which ever female Jeremy Lindley is dating support you. You can have Marvin write a piece for the females too. But please, give more of your own story too At least, I hope you will pray about it and get advice, from strong true Christians where you are. We, here, in Dallas, I am sure, will also support you, if and when God wants this endeavor for you.

    Finally, a few months ago, I did finish Marvin’s Baguette Moments, and it was cool! Still, I would like to see a female version. You could see even what Marvin thinks about it. It would help me to get to know you better too! Hope everything is going well for you and the Lucas Family and the Norwich Mission Team and the ministry, you are in, in the East London! I have not forgotten the Lucas Family or Norwich either, and I will not forget either! I was just checking to see whether or not all the true Christians, in Great Britain, in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland and their loved ones are all right. I watch too much of the News, I think, not that I don’t need to know what all is going on, in the world, but too much of it is a bad thing! I have tried to cut down on how much news, I watch too! See you ’round!

  6. Tammy permalink

    wow thank you for being so transparent. I know they are enjoying the gift that we miss in America. truly touching testimony.

  7. James A permalink


    Hey buddy, you and the church are in my prayers. I sure enjoyed praying with you in Norwich. So how is the planting coming along?

  8. My Facebook friend Aneta told me about your new fellowship, praying that this will be a great blessing in what seems to be a dry area spiritually. I visited Norwich and Diss the other week, to see my aunt and cousin whom I had not seen for many years….I am not sure this kind of church would be their “scene” but who knows what God can do?! I loved to read your honest testimony here.

  9. George Olaifa permalink

    Your story is truly inspirational and I pray that you continue to grow in strength when building up Christians in Norwich. I hope to visit (2hrs 18 min) some time soon.

    It was refreshing having you here, and being succumbed by the delivery of The Word through you. Much love and God bless.

  10. Todd permalink

    Take a lot of pictures. We wish we could be there on such a special day. This is a dream that has come true for you. See you soon. Love Todd

  11. Keep these aritcles coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

  12. Really interesting blog, keep up the good work!

  13. Sharisse:

    I like the cover, you go, with. After all, it is your piece, or the piece, which God gave to you. Thank you for inviting our input though. I will be looking for that book, Life Happens and getting it, when I find it, along, with Singlehood Redefined, edited, by Adam and Bethany Smith. Last month, I gave copies of Marvin’s book to a primary care doctor, an eye doctor and a psychiatrist, along, with cards for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, which is an excellent class!
    I don’t, at the moment, have any extra copies, but I do hope to get one to the dentist, whose services, I hope to get, next week, but sadly, it will be after that particular appointment. But I hope to find a way to get one, with a FPU card, in it, to that dentist, in the near future. I hope to do the same, with your book too, if and when I can afford it.
    I am happy that Her Majesty had a lovely Diamond Jubilee, celebrating sixty years, on the throne. Sorry that the Duke of Edinborough, the Prince Consort, could not celebrate, with her, from being ill and from being in hospital!
    Hope the olympics benefit Norwich too, somehow. Later! Ebensberger.

  14. cleatus hall permalink

    howdy howdy see ya’ll in San Antonio !

  15. Valerie Anne (Nee: Hollingsworth) Ebensberger permalink

    Good Evening:


    Last-night, I came into the Ozanne Family Home, absolutely drained, from the last three months. After the itinerary of stuff, which went on that evening, though physically weary, I left encouraged and strengthened. I am really thrilled that the church, in Norwich, England, Great Britain, near the Republic of Ireland, is doing so well, and I love the heart of wanting to see God do more, with high expectations of seeing God do more! I was especially thrilled to see the Lucas Family and to see that video and to hear that set of stories, after the video had finished!

    Frankly, I usually try not to fuss or talk too much about my own problems. Some-times, I really do not realize just how drained and just how hurt, I really am, spiritually and emotionally, particularly, emotionally. I knew that I really needed to be present, Tuesday Night, and God knew that I really needed it too. Really, I just came there to give what all I could to the Lucas Family, before and during the proceedings and to find out about what all was going on in Norwich, especially in the new church. I send my greetings to the Norwich Church, from the Southwest Region of the Dallas and Fort Worth, Metro Area, in North Texas, USA! As an individual, I send greetings to the Norwich Church, as well! In ONE NIGHT, God has encouraged and strengthened me from three months of being really drained, through the Lucas Family and through the church, in Norwich, so thank you to all of you! I am thankful to the Ozanne Family for opening up their home, for cooking whatever they cooked and for helping me to give, before hand, in preparation for the evening!

    I still remember a few quotes, from Marvin K. Lucas: You’ll like this a little bit, not a lot. the one about being casual makes us a casualty, about being intentional. I remember the message about The Baby Versus the Dragon also. I remember Sharisse talked about us being signs, who point the way to God too. I remember the story of Holland, who walked home from school, in our Texas heat, and Sharisse having gone to the school to pick him up and not finding him. Holland knocked on the door, and Marvin answered the door, at home, finding Holland standing there, on the porch, over-heated. I remember the story of Segovia playing, with the Christmas tree ornaments, breaking one and being in the middle of the mess, as a much smaller child.

    Finally, I remember those Jonathan Apple Awards and the Christmas trees, decorated, with plastic apples every year and the receiving of a few glass apple awards. This is among other things. It was an excellent evening, Tuesday Evening! Thank you again to everyone! Thank you to the Lucas Family, for coming and for sharing! I left really inspired as well!


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